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Everybody Can Sing English is a music series designed to help everyone around the world quickly learn the basic vocabulary and many commonly used phrases in English.  Approved by Billy's Kow, Everybody can sing English is BK Certified as a quality product for both home and classroom use!  This system integrates music and two languages in spoken lessons and original songs all performed by native speakers.

We are proud to present the first edition (Japanese - English) and are excited to bring you many more versions in 2013! (Chinese, Korean, French, and Spanish)   

Whether you are personally learning English as a second language or if you are simply looking for some new educational music for your group of students,  this album is perfect!  Please click on the 'Store' page to hear sample songs!  For a limited time, there is a FREE DOWNLOAD available!

Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City, U.S.A.) and in Fukuoka, Japan (Music City, Japan), the music is high quality, easy listening for adults and kids!  There are over 35 tracks containing over 20 original songs and 10 vocabulary building exercises!  This album even has a new version of Jingle Bells, Humpty Dumpty and Rock-a-bye Baby.  We use only native speakers of each language for every version!

Everybody can sing English is a PROUD supporter of the 'Nourish the Children', a Second Harvest program.  Each month, we donate a large portion of our proceeds to volunteer efforts such as the 'Nourish the Children' program which sends food and vitamins directly to those in need in Malawi, other impoverished countries and to areas directly effected by catastrophic natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy or the 2011 Tsunami in Japan. If you would like to become a monthly supporter of this effort please contact us now!  As of the end of 2012, this program will provide over 300,000,000 donated meals!  Everybody can sing English hopes to donate 100,000+ in 2013.