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Billy's Kow

Billy's Kow is a family friendly character who provides smiles and laughter to millions around the world. Billy's Kow strives to team with and promote events and organizations which benefit children or families around the world. Billy's Kow considers it a success anytime that someone's life is improved in any way as a result of our work! Billy's Kow loves the Everybody can sing English music series because it brings people from different countries and cultures together through language and music. If you would like Billy's Kow to attend or promote your event or organization, contact us today!

Enjoy your life and help others enjoy their lives, too!

Everybody can sing English The Everybody can sing English music series was designed to provide a high quality English as a Second Language(ESL) product for teachers and individual learners. Currently availabe for Japanese and Chinese learners, we hope to have the Spanish, Korean, French and other versions available in 2013. While many people will use this product teaching children, this CD is also intended for any adult who prefers to learn with music. This album can be loaded into an MP3 player or iPod for learning while you exercise or commute to and from work. If you decide to use this product, we would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please contact us now to let us know your opinion concerning the Everybody can sing English music series.

Learning and studying are two different things. This CD perfectly combines them and achieves a very fast positive result!